What is A Tale of Two Cats?

A Tale of Two Cats is an art project cum webcomic featuring two house cats known as Mona and Tilly. Although it began life as an innocent distraction from job-hunting, the concept has since grown into an occupation in it's own right. 

Are Mona and Tilly real?

Mona at approx. 6 months old
Yes, Mona and Tilly are real! Mona was born in December 2010 and came to live with us in February of the following year. I'm still not quite sure where the idea to adopt a kitten came from, especially given the fact that neither I nor my partner had ever looked after a cat before, let alone owned one, but adopt a kitten we did. In retrospect, it was a bit of a gamble, not only because we had no idea what to expect, but also because we were both halfway through our Masters degrees and therefore the last thing we needed was a distraction. Yet having said that, Mona was and always has been an extremely easy cat to live with. She has a very calm temperament and spends the majority of her time contemplating the best place to sleep.

Tilly enjoying her new home
...and then there was Till! Tilly and her siblings were brought into the local cat shelter during the Summer of 2011 after being found abandoned in a shed at just four weeks old. Whilst the rest of the litter made a quick recovery, it was immediately apparent that something was wrong with Tilly; not least of all because she was unable to stand on her back legs and had resorted to dragging herself across the floor. She was later diagnosed with a form of feline muscular dystrophy and it was recommended that she be put to sleep if her condition didn't improve significantly in the following weeks. Fortunately, it did and by the time we went to visit her, Tilly was bounding about with the best of them, albeit in a rather wobbly fashion. Perhaps in part due to her rather unlucky start in life, and in complete opposition to Mona, Tilly is a rambunctious little thing; she knows what she wants and she'll be damned if anyone tries to stop her from having it. And yet, she is also the most affectionate cat I have ever come across; a bizarre mix to be sure.

Who are you?

Adam Joseph White
My name is Adam. I recently completed a Masters degree in Culture and Modernity at the University of East Anglia and have since been searching for my calling in life (aside from drawing pictures of my cats, that is). I have always been very "creatively inclined" and I find myself constantly on the look-out for new ideas, whether literary, musical or artistic. As you may have imagined, I am also particularly interested in graphic design and have begun working on a number of projects. If you are interested in my work and would like to get in touch, please visit the "Contact" page.

What else are you working on?